Since the start of the Revitalization Project, hundreds of volunteers from the USA, Canada, UK and the Egbe community have donated their time and administrative, maintenance, construction and medical skills to the project in the rural town of Egbe, Nigeria.

Bulls in back of truck

The 7-hour drive from the airport to Egbe offers many interesting sights although dodging pot-holes and bush bathroom stops is not for the faint of heart. But it IS for the BIG HEARTED PERSON  who wants to be a part of what God is doing around the globe.

Our amazing volunteers have performed tasks that seemed too small to make a difference but instead have been a huge help. They’ve taught new skills, and brought new tools. They’ve filled the gaps for staff that are stretched thin. They’ve sewed into the life of the community. They’ve saved lives, ministering to physical and spiritual needs. They’ve formed lasting relationships – returning year after year. And they’ve brought joy offering mentorship; all the while being part of something much bigger than them.

Dianne, one of our recent volunteers puts it this way:

“How does one describe such an amazing experience in a few words…astounding is one word that comes to my mind.  What an honor to be a part of this incredible revitalization project in Egbe.  It is such a work of God and absolutely a joy to see God’s hand working amongst all those who participate from abroad and locally.  All that has been accomplished and all that is still being done is such a BIG PROJECT from my perspective and can only be done by God’s divine hand upon it.”

Although the Coronavirus pandemic has many around the globe re-evaluating missional service for the moment, consider how God can use you where you are. Join us in praying for and financially supporting the hospital and revitalization of the School of Nursing located within the Egbe Hospital complex.

Celebrate with us how ordinary people – together with the hospital, nursing school, and community – are making a huge difference in a rural region in Nigeria.  We’d love to have you join us on one of our 2020 trips or serve for a 2 year term if you feel called to missions. Opportunities are available for Doctors – Nursing Educators – Administration – Construction – Maintenance – Hosting.  Inquire with Robert Read at 954-491-3170

Serving together to impact lives for eternity. Enjoy a few pictures of Egbe volunteers in action.

Volunteers traveling to Egbe

Making the journey to Egbe 100’s of times over the past 10 years

Performing surgery in Egbe

Performing surgery and teaching the family medicine residents

Egbe Outpatient

Supporting a busy out-patient’s department

Lots of laughs

Lots of laughs with the guesthouse staff as they serve big teams

Egbe morning devotions

Daily morning devotions at the workshop and in the hospital

New sanitizer

Installing new sterilizer to support a growing operating room

Installing sinks

Installing sinks in the new nursing school dormitories

Installing lights

Using donated equipment shipped on containers to install lights

Tractor at Egbe

Addressing erosion due to heavy rains with a donated tractor

TIV and Hausa camps

Joining the outreach to neighboring Fulani, TIV and Hausa camps